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ShuuKira @ LiveJournal
A Bleach Community
Title: This Charming Man Author: … 
11th-May-2011 06:22 pm
Title: This Charming Man
Author: jazz_trousers and 0_xrosax_0 
Pairings: Shuhei Hisagi / Izuru Kira
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or any of its characters.
Rating: G to NC-17 from chapter to chapter.
Warning: Language, sex, angst, sexual abuse, fluff
Summary: A series of pieces mapping the timeline of Shuhei and Kira's relationship, past present and future

Chapter 2 - Diamonds, Deep In The Earth  - Smut, glorious smut!!

Chapter 3- Burn My Shadow  - BE WARNED: GinKira noncon and huge angst. Sad ;-;
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