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Contest Entry - Fanfiction

Title:    The One Word
Prompt:  ONE
Pairing:  Shuuhei and Kira   DUH
Rating:  I am gonna say....*makes face*  pg-13 smex is not main theme or well described
Beta:  rasvi
I do not own them....but I do own Bamboo Wind-chimes and like them I keep it near my bed and play with it when I am laying there
Summary:  A quiet moment between two lovers who have tried so hard to both avoid the growing feelings between them....the feelings that can be described in One Word....

(When originally posted it was in 1st person but I edited it and it is now in 3rd Person)

Kira lays across the bed, head pillowed in the valley of his lovers stomach, legs dangling over the edge of the mattress.  This bed was Shuuhei’s one extravagance, a western monstrosity of carved wood and pillow soft bedding.  The first night Kira slept in it he was thankful for the expense he went too to procure such a vessel.  It was like a private ship, taking them on nightly voyages to unexplored lands.  The moment they lay down the world falls away and it is just them, just that moment they are living in.

A lazy hand swats out of its own accord and disturbs the weight on one of the many bamboo wind chimes, their hollow sound clinking likes old bones telling a tale from long ago.  Kira’s hand reaches up to set it off again once it was quieted, His pillow rolling like the stormy sea with quiet laughter under him.  “What?” the delicate blonde’s voice cracks a little from disuse after laying around all night fading in and out of light sleep, not needing to say a word.

“Are you my cat now?”  The ocean under that blonde head is becoming more turbulent with each passing moment and Kira shift a little higher to rest on his partner’s chest, eyes still looking up at the wind chime, once again that delicate hand reaches to restart its storytelling, but larger hands catches him, kissing knuckles, waiting for an answer to the teasing question.

“Meow,” Kira can’t hide the smile in his voice so he doesn’t even try.  He tugs his hand from their loose hold to knock the wind chimes again before rolling to the side facing the other man, gray eyes locking with blue, both dancing with loving amusement. 

“Shuuhei,” Kira whispers like the name like a prayer on his lips.

“Hmm?”  His hand settles on one pinkening cheek, petting that blonde head like the cat he just likened him to.  Kira purrs softly nuzzling into that hand.

“What’s love?”  The words ghost over tan skin and cause Shuuhei to shiver, his hand stilling in its gentle caress. 

“What do you mean ‘Zuru?”  The tone of his voice is a soft warning, despite all the time they spend together, all the nights tangled in each others arms, and the variety of kisses they have shared love was never a word either dared use.

A small twist of Kira’s neck and he plant a kiss in the center of his pillows chest, nuzzling against him, voice bubbling up between their skin.  “I mean what is it to you? Love?”

Agile fingers from one hand gently separate strands of blonde hair, tugging pleasantly at his scalp as Shuuhei thinks.  Kira lets him, even though he had asked, it would take some time for even the blonde to think of an answer.  Kira instead tries to avoid the speed of his heart as he waits for an answer.  Shuuhei’s voice had warned of new territory if this conversation continued but Kira hadn’t needed that warning.  He knew what this could mean and the anticipation was fluttering like the powerful wings of a bird of prey in his chest.

“Love to me…is friendship.”  He lets out a long sigh, like there is a tremendous weight settling over his chest and he must create room for it or it will crush him.  The blonde shifts a little, worried that it is his presence that is weighting on the other, but Shuu stills him with a firm hand between his shoulders, holding Kira in place against him.  “But it is so much more than that too.  It’s so easy and so hard at the same time.  It can be fast and slow at the same time.”  There is a smile in his voice now, and Kira knows it is like describing the snow to desert people, there are just not enough words, but still Shuuhei struggles on. 

“One day you can look at someone you have known for years and in that instant everything changes, and you just know.  Love is an inside joke, a secret smile.  It is going out of your way to see someone, or enduring the pain of seeing them with someone else, because they look happy.”  His fingers dance up his lover’s shoulders to the back of his neck playing with the hair there, making Kira shiver against him with a soft sound. 

“But it is so much more than that too.  Love is believing in someone, having complete faith in them.  That is the thing…the key to love.  You can’t truly love someone without losing a piece of yourself.  It is like there is only so much each person can hold and in order to hold their heart you have to make room by giving them your own heart.  There is amazing trust in that.  You have to believe that they will protect it, and cherish it.  You have to believe in the friendship and connection you have with them.”

The silence settles between them like a rock calmly drifting to the bottom of a pond.  There it is.  That one word, that one concept that they have both refused to discuss or think of, that feeling that they have tried so hard to keep out of this bed.  Kira lifts his chin, eyes locking with Shuuhei’s, so warm and open.  He is exactly right, it is so easy for Kira to love him, but it is so hard for him to say it, even now.  “Do you believe in me Shuuhei?”

Shuuhei’s face lights in a smile, his hand coming up to cup Kira’s cheek and guide him to his mouth, the kiss is soft, tentative, and full of emotion and trust.  Kira knows he doesn’t have to say it, not now, neither of them does, this kiss says it all.  Shuuhei shifts in bed leading the willing body above him onto his back among a mountain of pillows, his kisses growing warm and needy.  Tan hands travel like pilgrims across pale skin, hot kisses following close behind.  Their moans and whispers intangible as they shift and twist, Shuuhei rocks forward with a grunt as Kira arches back with a throaty moan.  They become one in a cry passed between greedy lips. 

Kira is again tangled with his lover, the morning lighting the room in a glow to match the smiles on their faces, and though the blonde knows he don’t need to say anything, his whisper is as much for him as it is for Shuuhei.  “I believe in you too…”
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