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Contest Entry - Fanart

To celebrate ShuuKira LJ one year anniversary and Hisagi's birthday, just a little comic I doodled with the help of my friend pyon_pyonhaneru who inked it for me (THANK YOU)! :D the rest I used Photoshop for BG and such!

WOW this is the 2nd/3rd time attempting Hisagi (minus chibi form)~~~he is still hard but fun to draw! lol Oh and sorry for the funky editing, it was complicated setting up some of the scenes XD

I hope you enjoy, I'll post it on my DeviantArt page as well if you are interested ^^

This is work safe, at least PG (shonen ai) for the contest, and using the prompt word "ONE" and theme of Hisagi's birthday. Hope i am not missing anything else~~~

Tags: comic
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