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Liralen Li

Comm Birthday Fic: One Thing Only

Title: One Thing Only
Author: liralen
Pairing: Hisagi/Kira
Rating: PG for language
Warning: Spoils from Chapter 318 on.
Summary: The two fukutaichou train for their upcoming mission
Prompt: "One" and "Whispers"
Word Count: 423
Disclaimer: I don't own or make money off of Bleach. It's all fictional, really.

Steel rang against steel, and a crowd of Third and Ninth Division shinigami closed in around the training grounds. The betting was hot, the laughing boasts about their fukutaichou were loud, and the competitive camaraderie was high and almost like a festival.

"Damnit, they're supposed to be practicing, not partying," Shuuhei growled as he met Kira's attack with a block that slid all the way up to his hand guard. His palm against the side of the blade supported the tip so that it wouldn't turn enough to free Kira's.

"We could stop and order them back to their places," Kira said placidly even as he tried to disengage his blade enough to eviscerate his lover.

"But we have to be ready for battle," Shuuhei snarled as he jumped back to break the deadlock only to have Kira follow him, with a hard swing at his side. He blocked it to Kira's outside and given the advantage, he tried to riposte but he was going backwards, and the change in momentum made him slide.

Suddenly Kira just stopped, and Shuuhei had to scramble not to hit him by accident. The blond's hands were on his hips. "As if you can concentrate on this training exercise while they're violating your sense of decency. All right." Kira turned around and eyed their audience, "Which of you lazy bums want to be cleaning out latrines?"

The crowd hesitated, a few that probably knew that look from Kira, started wandering away.

Shuuhei rolled his eyes at the rest, and then barked, "All right you, why the hell are you standing around rubbing your swords? Get back to work, it's only a few days before we have to defend Karakura, so get moving."

Their subordinates, hearing the tone of real command, found all kinds of reasons to get back to their own practices around them.

Shuuhei felt rather than saw Kira move in right next to him to whisper, "We'll survive this. They will too." The breath of those words against his ear made Shuuhei's eyes close.

They were both going to be assigned real missions in the upcoming war. They were both going to be defending the pillars that would keep the town in Soul Society. They had to be prepared, they had to be ready.

They both needed to make their own kind of penance for their ex-taichou.

"Remember," Kira continued. "We're here for one thing and one thing only."

Shuuhei had to take a deep breath to get a solid grip on his zanpakutou. "Right. We need to get stronger."

And the two of them went back to their training.

Tags: fanfic
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