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Contest entry - fic

Title: Not the Only One
Author: ainnahas
Pairing: Shuuhei/Kira, implied Kensei/Shuuhei
Warnings: aside from crappy writing? Well, it's unbetaed.
Rating: PG, I'd say.
Word count: 441
Disclaimer: Nope, not mine.


Not the Only One

Kira Izuru lay wide awake, curled on his side beside his sleeping lover on the messed-up bed. His fingertips traced idle patterns on the sleeping one's skin, following the soft shadows and highlights cast by the gentle moonlight from their bedroom window and trying to memorize all the dips and rises while letting his wandering thoughts keep him from falling asleep. This had become more frequent lately - maybe they were falling into a pattern, Kira noted as his fingers ghosted over the other's jaw.

The touches moved over his chin, over slightly parted lips, across the left cheek and stopped under the cheekbone, where the man's tattoo was just visible in the dim night light. Kira frowned.

He had hated that tattoo ever since he had come to know Hisagi Shuuhei. At first, in the academy, it had just been something that bothered him – why, when he was really such a good and honourable person, would he want a tattoo like that? And then annoyance towards other people's reactions – that stupid number gave everyone the wrong kind of image – Shuuhei wasn't like that, he was a good role model and a trustworthy friend and a skilled fighter, not someone who would go and warm everyone's bed just like that. And when they had started seeing each other, Shuuhei had finally opened up to Kira about what the tattoo really was and why did he have it.

Kira had learned to hate the tattoo and everything it stood for. He, being the polite and mild-mannered person he was, of course hid it from his boyfriend as well as he could, but there were some moments when just one glance at it would make Kira feel sick.

He was not the only one.

To Kira, that tattoo meant that Hisagi Shuuhei belonged to someone else. The fact that he had offered himself to that man from his own free will and voluntarily marked himself, was the thing that annoyed Kira the most. He had the tattoo in his face and he wore it with pride even though he had Kira in his bed and his life.

Lightly enough not to disturb his lover's sleep, Kira scratched his nails across the tattoo. He wondered if he'd be able to just claw it off before Shuuhei awoke or if he should get Wabisuke – and what would Shuuhei think when instead of that tattoo, he would have a scar, Kira's scar, that would inform his stupid childhood crush and everyone else that getting involved with him meant facing Kira and Wabisuke -

And perhaps then he'd be the only one in Shuuhei's heart.

Tags: fanfic
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